here, there be giants...

Our adventure involves A LOT of driving. In fact, over the first five or so weeks of 2013, we drove almost 6,100 miles. And we've seen a lot of stuff that leads us to believe that here, there be giants. See for yourself.
giant legs with graffiti socks
world's largest rocking chair
world's largest wind chime
giant pop bottle and straw
giant fork
giant red arrow - they're shooting at us! run, you fools!

But don't worry. Andy is strong, like bear:

And thirsty, too.


we were living it up at the hotel oklahoma

Our great friends (and former neighbors) offered to let us stay with them in Edmond for a few days on our way from California to Indiana. Miss K, our hostess, thoughtfully provided us with a welcome letter that included the lowdown on Oklahoma, family news, games and an art gallery, their "board of fare" (really, Doug? calf fries?), and a special note from SethOatis:


games and gallery


Shopping with Karen!!

We're going shopping with Karen.  Not Karin.

To HEB!!!

(in south austin for 48 hours, then off to houston)