3 Nights in Anderson, IN

Ann and I just spent 3 nights in Timberline Family RV Resort in Anderson, Indiana. The previous 3 nights were in St. Charles, MO.

It was great! Met some nice people, had a chance to see what it's like to actually "camp" in a park for a few days at a time. I think we're going to love this.

I especially enjoy the mornings. Sitting outside, drinking coffee, before the rest of the park is waking up. Very peaceful.

Still have a few bugs to work out. Like, for example, the refrigerator doesn't work. But, we're going to Columbus for 4 days, and we're going to drop it off at a repair shop and go stay with a friend while they fix it. Hopefully.

Then we're off to Patascpo Valley State Park near Baltimore for 5 nights. Should be a good time.


We bought an RV and named it Oatis

Last week we bought an RV. It's something we've been fantasizing about... then sort of considering... then seriously considering... for a couple of years now. And even though we've been planning on doing it someday, we weren't planning on that day being last Wednesday.

Here's Oatis!

Oatis is a Forest River Forester, Class C motorhome, model 3051S. He's 31'11" long and weighs 14,500 lbs. What a big boy!

Why Oatis? For one, despite a Facebook campaign and Kaelan's best efforts, Sandra wouldn't name her baby Oatis. And two, we think this is funny (skip to 3:00):