Here's a little tip:

No good can come of parking too close to a shrubbery. Especially if said shrubbery is surrounded by an ant hill. Also, if you have an open box of, say, Wheat Thins. Or Oreos.

Your car will end up infested. And $5.00 in quarters doesn't buy enough vacuum time to get them. Hopefully the Raid bait traps will.


September and October

The calendar's a little hard to read, so here's our September and October calendar, as it looks today (August 25).

Aug 26-29: Ontario CA
taking Amtrak back to Austin
Sep 1-9 in Austin, except I take a quick trip to New Orleans and Las Colinas, one day each.
Sep 10-14 in Houston
Sep 16-20 San Luis Obispo CA
Sep 21 -22 Charlotte NC and Columbia SC and Raleigh NC
Sep 23 and 24 Radford VA
Sep 25-28 Oswego NY
Sep 29-30 Austin

Oct 1-3 San Antonio
Oct 4 Houston
Oct 5-9 Austin
Oct 10-18 Los Angeles
Oct 19-26 Somewhere between LA and Mount Hood
Oct 26-Nov 2 Mount Hood Anniversary Vacation