December 28, 2014. Calendar update time.

We fly back to CA on 12/30/14.

We'll be in Orange County until January 26, 2015, when Garrison and his girlfriend fly out to meet us in San Diego.

Then we head up to Monterey CA for 2 days.

Then we drive to the Grand Canyon for 2 days.

We drop Garrison and Amanda off in ABQ on Feb 3, then drive to Odessa, TX for a 2 day class.

The week of February 8, basically, we'll be in Houston.

We return to Austin on 2/14/15 so I can run the Austin Half Marathon on 2/15/15.

2/16 we drive to Dallas for a 3 day class.

2/22 we drive to Kansas City, MO for 4 days of work.

Week of March 8 in Houston

Week of March 15 in Las Colinas, TX.

Week of March 29 in San Antonio.