July 20, 2014

So, while in Odessa, TX last month, we realized that we have a tendency to buy homes with undersized air conditioners. A couple of hours in 104F heat in Odessa, and we're in a hotel.  So, we made a decision to not sleep in Oatis in Texas in the summer.

Currently, we are spending 2 nights on Lake Lewisville. Yes, in TX. So much for our plan to not sleep in Oatis in the summer in TX. We picked a good weekend, the high today is only going to be about 93.

Tomorrow, we drive back to Austin and park Oatis for 2 weeks, while we drive a rental car to Montgomery to Ann's dad's house, then to Baton Rouge for a class, then to Matt's for a few days. Then, the LONG RV road trip begins. 5022 miles of driving.

Dallas, August 5, 6, and 7. Sleeping in the Holiday Inn.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, on the road towards Oswego, NY. I'm hoping to park at rest stops, WalMarts, etc, and not pay for parking. At least 2 of those nights. 1500 miles in three days.

Sunday and Monday nights, August 10 and 11, RC park on Lake Ontario, near Oswego.

Tuesday night, somewhere in Canada, on the way from Oswego to Kalamazoo, MI. Again, hoping to park for free somewhere. We'll see how accommodating those Canadians really are. 554 miles to Jan's house in KZO.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I'm driving towards Reno, without Ann. She's visiting her mom in KZO, then is flying to catch up with me in Reno. Boondocking each night.  2044 miles.

Sunday, August 17, we drive to Pismo Beach, CA, where we spend a week in an RV park about a block from the ocean. Yeah! 436 miles

August 25, we drive to Ontario, CA, where we will spend 4 nights in a Holiday Inn.  Again, air conditioning. 213 miles.

August 29, we drive to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Hopefully, we're spending 2 nights with Tim and Jim in an RV park, after which, we are leaving Oatis in their caring hands and driving their car back to Houston, to spend a week in their condo. We'll be without Oatis for a week, but again, air conditioning. Texas. 455 miles from Ontario to Grand Canyon.

We should reunite with Oatis on Sunday, September 7. And hopefully, we'll have our newly ordered license plates by then.

So, there's August's schedule. After this big trip, it'll be nice to only venture as far as Kansas City (in the RV), for a while.