Where Are We?

People always want to know where we are and where we're headed. Here's what we know:

February 2016

17th - 27th in Orange, CA
27th - 29th driving to San Jose

March 2016

1st - 4th in San Jose
4th - 7th driving to Houston
8th - 15th in Houston and Montgomery
15th - 28th in Austin area
28th - 31st in San Antonio

April 2016

1st - 2nd Andy is running in the Texas Independence Relay from Gonzalez to Houston.
2nd - 8th in Austin
8th - 10th driving to San Diego; there until 15th
15th driving to Azusa (NE of LA); there until 22nd
23rd - 30th SLOW drive back to Austin

May 2016

1st - 4th in Austin; drive to McKinney on 4th
4th - 6th in McKinney
6th - 15th (-ish) in Fort Worth area

May 15th - June 16th is TBD.

June 2016

17th - 24th in Orange, CA
25th start driving toward Portland, OR where we'll be spending the summer. Come join us!

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