Calling all Cooks!

Do you make something that your family or friends crave?

Is there something that your colleagues always ask you to bring to the office potluck?

Maybe you have a favorite recipe that your grandmother used to make?

Perhaps you have a fantastic recipe for dog treats.

If so, let me know. I've decided to write a cookbook, and I want to include recipes from family and friends. Please dig out your recipe files, pick out a few of your favorites, and send them along to me. Bonus points if you write a little bit about the origin of the dish, why you love it so much, and anything else you want to say about it.


By popular demand, here's our December and January schedule:

In Norman OK with AnneMarie and Megan today

12/2: I fly to New Orleans, Ann stays in Norman
12/3 and 4: I work in New Orleans, then fly to Dallas the evening of the 4th
12/4: I teach in Dallas, Ann takes the train back to Dallas from Norman.
12/7: we fly to austin, stay at the ABIA Hilton
12/8: we fly to LA, get our car, go to Burbank for 5 days
12/14: redeye to Tampa, go to Kissimmee for a week
12/21: go to Tampa, spend week with Harry
12/28: cruise from Tampa to Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and somewhere else

1/7: fly to LA, get our car, spend 4 nights in/around Riverside
1/13: work in anaheim for 5 days
1/19-21: pismo beach
1/22: orange county, ca, then start driving back towards tx.  or ok.

2/3: one day class in Cleveland.  i'm betting ann sits this one out.
then the next 3 weeks in TX. houston, channel view, dallas
2/24-27: Kansas City
2/28: at approximately 4:27 pm, AnneMarie will give birth to Olive.