By popular demand, here's our December and January schedule:

In Norman OK with AnneMarie and Megan today

12/2: I fly to New Orleans, Ann stays in Norman
12/3 and 4: I work in New Orleans, then fly to Dallas the evening of the 4th
12/4: I teach in Dallas, Ann takes the train back to Dallas from Norman.
12/7: we fly to austin, stay at the ABIA Hilton
12/8: we fly to LA, get our car, go to Burbank for 5 days
12/14: redeye to Tampa, go to Kissimmee for a week
12/21: go to Tampa, spend week with Harry
12/28: cruise from Tampa to Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and somewhere else

1/7: fly to LA, get our car, spend 4 nights in/around Riverside
1/13: work in anaheim for 5 days
1/19-21: pismo beach
1/22: orange county, ca, then start driving back towards tx.  or ok.

2/3: one day class in Cleveland.  i'm betting ann sits this one out.
then the next 3 weeks in TX. houston, channel view, dallas
2/24-27: Kansas City
2/28: at approximately 4:27 pm, AnneMarie will give birth to Olive.

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