It's been a while.  Since our last post (February, I think) we've been in, in order:

Indianapolis, Cleveland, St. Louis, Houston, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Huntington Beach, Moss Landing (CA), Houston, New York City, San Antonio, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston,  St. Louis, and now Kalamazoo.

Whew, just thinking about the past 3 months makes me tired all over again.

While in St. Louis, we met up with Nick, a guy I met in Kansas City in class.  We hit a couple of breweries, then went to the City Museum.  I gotta say, I have never...NEVER...seen anything like this place.  It's a 10 story building, maybe old warehouses(?), taken over by a mad genius and made into a playground.  In all my travels, this was one of the most interesting places I've ever seen. This pictures will not do it justice, it was very dark.

Part of it is like walking through a deep, old cave.  When walking through, you had to remind yourself that you were inside a building in downtown St. Louis.  Not some subterranian tunnel system.

There are things that look like teeth.

There are things that have teeth:

There are things you can crawl through, if you're very small.

I'm NOT going in there!

Or, there.
And things to climb on, or through.

Nick, climbing through the world's largest slinky.
Out back, there's this huge structure, several airplane fuselages 40 or 50 feet up in the air, interconnected by these huge slinkies to crawl through.  Here's a picture from their website:

There's really no describing this place.  You HAVE to go.  

Here's a link with some good pictures.  It might not work. If not, i found it by googling City Museum St. Louis.


  1. I definitely want to check that place out sometime; looks awesome!

  2. http://mentalfloss.com/article/13063/11-awesomely-unexpected-things-st-louis’s-city-museum