Captain's Log, 2014-9-7

It's all OK. We are back with Oatis.

We're in Brenham, staying at Tim and Jim's BnB. Tomorrow, we drive to Houston to spend 3 nights at a Holiday Inn by Bush. There's not really a convenient RV park near the class. And, it's still hot here.

Friday, we drive to Lake Grapevine to spend 7 nights right on the lake, while I work M-F at several places around the airport.

Then, Saturday, we're off to Edmond OK, for a Harry Potter,  bring your own wand, birthday party. Stay a few days there, then go spend 2 nights in a campground near KC for a class, then back to OK to spend a few nights with Annemarie, Megan, and Olive. And the boys, of course.

Then, down to Austin, where we will park Oatis until October 17.

We pick up a rental car at ABIA, drive to San Antonio for 3 days, then back to Austin for one night, at the Hilton by the airport.

Friday morning, October 3, we fly to Denver for the Great American Beer Fest. 2 days of drunken debauchery.

Sunday, we fly to Boston, to spend a week in Vermont for a wedding for 2 of our favorite people in the world. Then, Monday, October 13, we fly from Boston to LA, for a 3 day class.

Then, Friday or Saturday, October 17 or 18 (I should check) we fly back to TX and get Oatis out of storage. And drive to the Texas coast, somewhere near Galveston, maybe a little southwest, for a week. I've got a 2 day class in the garden spot that is Sweeny, TX.

Then, we drive to Austin on Saturday, October 25, to pour beer at the Flying Saucer Beerfeast.

After that, we head back to CA for a LONG TIME. Can't wait.

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