baby, it's cold inside!

Last weekend we went to the ICE! exhibit at the gaylord texan resort in Grapevine. Andy read about it in an airline magazine and it sounded cool (cool - yuk, yuk). They used something like 2 MILLION POUNDS of ice to make all these sculptures, and they bring in ice sculptors from China. These guys do it up right - check this out...
Harbin China, not Grapevine, TX.

Since everything in America must have a corporate sponsor, the ICE! sculptures were almost all characters from the DreamWorks™animated Merry Madagascar movie. But still pretty amazing considering that it's all made of ICE!

a token non-corporate sculpture

It's about 9°F in the exhibit, so they hand out parkas.

This is Andy's brother, Chris. There were clear instructions to not lick the ice. It must be genetic.

 Afterwards, steaming cups of hot chocolate all around! A toast to my camera unfogging.


  1. it was a lot of fun. at first, the cold felt good. by the end, it was REALLY cold. the ice slide was fun. i've got the video on my facebook page.

  2. There were clear instructions not to lick anything? I must have missed'em... all 32 times.

    Always looking forward to you next trip through North Texas!