Careful! They really are UNUSAUAL waves!

We were in Morro Bay, CA, last week.  Central coast.  Look it up on Google Maps.

The picture Ann took of the rock (see her facebook page) was the Morro Rock.

Anyway, apparently, they have waves there.  Odd ones.  Strange.  Unusaual, even.

If the waves had only been of an unusual size and force, I probably would not have been as careful.

I showed this picture in class on Wednesday.  One of the guys says, "Yeah, signs like that are funny.  When we got here, we saw the curb was painted with "no stopping" marks.  S.T.O.P.P.I.N.G.  Hah!" he says.

I said, what's wrong with that? He says, "You know, they misspelled it.  It should have been S.T.O.P.I.N.G."

What could I say to that?  "Spell check is a wonderful thing."  Several people in class were watching to see if I would take it any further.  They know me, I guess.  I sort of shook my head.  "Let it go," I was thinking....

Now, we're headed to Sedona.

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  1. W.O.U.S.s? I don't think they exist.