A quickie stop at the Mustang Ranch

Ever since I was in college, I'd heard of the Mustang Ranch, but never had the chance to go.  Now, with all of our travels, I finally had a Chance. It was a little bit of a detour, but I've wAnted to go for so long time, so I figured it was worth it.

Ann, on the other hanD, I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it.  I thought It might just be a guy thing.  Turns out, she's just as into that kind of stuff as I am.  I just sort of timidLy suggested we stop by, and she was ALL OVER THAT!  My kind of woman.  She even made sure the camera was fuLly charged before we went.  She thought it'd be great to get some pictures to document the occAsion.

It's a little bit off the highway.  If you weren't looking, you'd drive right by.  You think there'd be a sign or something.  And the entryway is kind of weird.  Sort of a "one person at a time" kind of door/gate thing.  I guess they need to Control how fast people come in.  There is a sign outside that reminds people that what you're going to do on the inside is not legal on the outside.

Anyway, when we got there, there were 10 different models to check out.  I asked Ann which one she liked best, because I had to pick a different one.  She said there's nothing wrong with us sharing, but that was a little weird.  So, we each decided which one was our favorite, the one we'd each speNd a little bit Of time with.  The one Ann picked was a few years younger Than the one I preferred.  Ann's always said I had a thing for "older Models".  Ann actually looked it up afterwards.  They were all about 1 year apart in age, so they spanned about a decade in age total.

We played aroUnd for a while. As uSual, I was done before her.  I had To be a little patient until she got what she wAnted out of the experience.  Meanwhile, I just hung back and watched.  Even though I was done, it was nice watching her enjoying herself like that.  Again, pretty normal for how these things go for us.

The noise from the other people enjoying themselves was kind of a distraction; everywhere we go it seems to get crowded. One guy was just laughing and yelling as he was doing his thing.  Kind of annoying. Why make all that noise, right?  Then, as we were leaviNg, we walked past a used condom. Kind of Gross.  The whole thing, looking back as we were leaving, was kind of dirty.

But, like Ann said, it's about the journey, not the destination.


  1. Not sure if I can respond to this. This is the extent of my response.

  2. Wrong. Just wrong. Even when you are in on the joke. Still wrong.