What a difference 14 months makes!

I'm pretty sure we haven't posted since December. Of 2014. So, yeah... A lot has happened. Here's a bit of it.

January 2015

We adopted a puppy(!!!) from Barks of Love in Orange County, CA. He was one of 6 of a litter, all with Christmasy names. He was Claus, and there was Rudy, Holly, Jolly, Stella, and Nick. They're chi-pits. Yes, that's a thing. 1/2 chihuahua, 1/2 pit bull.

His name is Fezzik, like the giant in The Princess Bride.
Claus' adoption pic. Would you just LOOK at that FACE!!!!

About a week after we got him. Already a good sitter!

Garrison and Amanda flew out for a vacation, and boy were their arms tired. ba-dum-pum.

Pacific Beach in San Diego
San Diego beer tour

February 2015

On our drive back to TX, we stopped at the Grand Canyon.
Garrison the photobomber

Back in Austin. At Matt's house, Fezzik saw his first Bigfoot. They stared each other down for a few. I think Fezzik blinked first. But Bigfoot was totally poised to run away.

May 2015

Road trip up north. Way up north to Spooner, Wisconsin, to visit Bobby and his Bowteek of Fine Unmentionables
Bobby's Bowteek
Bobby hisownself

Fezzik takes care of the empties


  1. Well that was long overdue! :-p
    Welcome back! Can we expect an update to the ever-popular "Where are we?" page?

    1. Hey-oh! "May 4th - 6th in McKinney". Sign me up for some family time!