a special occasion

Huntington Dog Beach, California - 10/15/12

LEFTY, the love of my life, died in September 2010. My heart was broken over my own loss but I will always be happy because of the amazing memories from our time together.

He loved the beach, and played on many of them around the country - gulf coast, east coast, great lakes, and west coast. We thought it fitting to take him to play forever at Huntington Dog Beach.

Lefty always had a great time at Huntington Dog Beach, as do hundreds of other dogs. If you'd like to learn more about it, please visit dogbeach.org.


  1. I'm so glad yall were able to do that. I can't imagine how difficult it was. We love yall.

  2. Lots of love went out to sea with that little guy. Such a wonderful tribute. Big hugs to you.