fun with chupacabras and border agents

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What is going on with the saguaros in AZ?
In Arizona, we saw lots of saguaro cactuses (i know, it's really cacti). It was kind of mesmerizing, watching them, and by the time i decided i needed pictures, there just weren't anymore to be seen. Andy wouldn't turn around so I was all, "fine. i'll draw one on my super cool iPad."

And then about 20 miles later there were more. Lots more.

An awful lot of them look sickly. Or maybe they've been gnawed on by chupacabras (chupacabri?) You be the judge.

chupacabra - NOT drawn on my super cool iPad

crossing the border from AZ to CA
border agent: do you have any fruits or vegetables?
andy: i have a baggie of strawberry shells
border agent (smiling): have a nice day
strawberry "shells"

final stats for 10/14/12:
* 494 miles
* 7 hours, 56 minutes
* average ~39 mpg
* 4 bathroom breaks
* 2 gas stops
* 1 coffee stop
* 1 meal stop

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  1. i wanted to say, "hola! mi nombre es Andy, esta es mi esposa, Ann. Soy de los estados unidos de america. Hemos impulsado a través de este hermoso país para disfrutar de todo lo que su estado tiene para ofrecer.¿Cómo estás hoy".

    after all, what'd we listen to that cd for, right? but, he might not have thought it was funny. those border patrol guys don't have much of a sense of humor.