san antone

We left Galveston, and had lunch with Dad and Mom at Tookie's - one of my all-time favorite burger places. It was badly damaged by flood waters from Hurricane Ike, but was resurrected by a new owner. Check out the high water line in the pic below. And if you haven't been yet, put it on your bucket list.
Mom sitting next to high water line at Tookie's
We got to San Antonio late that afternoon, and spent the weekend hanging out with Annemarie (Andy's sister), shopping, drinking some beers, and looking all over town for a new battery for her car. Annemarie got lollipop ice cream because Megan wasn't with us to be all grossed out about it.
blue lollipop ice cream and Annemarie!
Meanwhile, somewhere in Ohio...Megan got her ear licked.
Marga Gomez (licker) and Megan (lickee)
But, the most significant event of the week is that I got offered a contract to develop training materials for a major east coast power company! I'll know more details in a few days. It doesn't pay what I made before, but for now I'm happy to fund my travel and an occasional pedicure...


  1. so, i wonder what the "occasional pedicure" means?

  2. "occasional" in the contella/patrolia book of knowledge is defined as "when it feels right".
    "pedicure" - heck Andy, everyone knows what a pedicure is - that's doin' the toesies. "maincure" is a hand job, and a "mani-pedi" is both!